List building y adquisición de prospectos

Lead generation and prospection

We know that a list of contacts that are interested in your products or services is an important asset for your business. Count on a Lead Agency to manage and segment your contacts correctly by offering them value content, therefore increasing your sales opportunities.

We help you monetize your leads as they move forward on the conversion funnel.

This is how we execute a lead generation strategy designed for your business.


Lead captivation

We develop strategies focused on catching your audience's attention, and obtaining the necessary data. We use advertisements, sales funnels, web articles, and social media, to grow your list of prospects.

Contact centralization and segmentation on CRM

We organize and classify your leads in a customer management software, which allows us to segment your contacts in order to send them personalized campaigns.

E-mail marketing

We bring value content to your clients and prospects through the optimization and distribution of persuasive emails to your contact list.

Lead nurturing

We take advantage of the interest your contacts have in your content by sending them relevant and useful information via email.

How do we do it?

How do we create a lead generation strategy
for your brand?

We discover your customers' needs and preferences

We profile your clients and prospects in order to know what they want, what they're looking for, and how your brand can satisfy them.

We study your competition

We analyze the digital presence of your competitors and references. We identify common practices in the market, and the audience's perception of these actions.

We connect your brand with values and attributes

We develop a personality for your brand that your prospects and clients can
relate to.

We add value

We create content that educates, captivates, and informs your audience, in order to build a community around your brand. This organically drives your brand to have a privileged position in its segment of the market.

We measure

our progress to keep growing!

We keep track of every action in your acquisition process. Get to know some of our KPIs:


We measure the amount of registered leads while validating different aspects, such as your budget, time of acquisition, and viable goal.


The money is on the list, which is why we analyze the amount of new leads that we obtain each month from ads, social media, and your website.


We follow up on the results we obtain from your leads, and we make sure to bring you contacts with real interest for your brand and a high possibility of purchase.


Why is it important to have a List Building and Prospect Acquisition strategy?

  • Make your database a digital asset to help increase your sales.
  • Ensure the communication with your clients through different channels.
  • Create a community that is loyal to your brand and your content. Be a part of their everyday life by bringing them valuable content!
  • Declutter your database, and make sure to have quality leads, who are truly interested in your products or services and have a high possibility of future purchases.
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